Internet changes our life

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Many people at offices or homes, who always utilize computers and Internet to get the necessary information , will always be amazed that the Internet is such a miracle which can supplies them any information they want, and they are not even prepared to admit the possibility of the problems appeared on the Internet. On the other hand, those who dislike Internet often worry about the easy access to much information will bring a lot of problems to our society especially to children. It is a pity, as is so often pointed out, everything has two edges, however, the Internet has far more advantages over its drawbacks on the respect of information supply.

bookstoreAt first, before the advent of the Internet, bookstores and libraries are the two possible places for us to find the necessary information, the result may not always be satisfied. With the spreading of the Internet, network is becoming more and more popular, the people gradually realize that they could search for and obtain any information they want on the Internet from search engines or various kinds of websites; without wasting so much time or money in staying in the libraries and buying in the bookstores, the people finally know that there exits such a powerful and wonderful ‘electronic library’ close at our hands, and its effect is always far out of one’s expectation, the solutions provided are always accurate and complete.

internet_laptopSecondly, the Internet can provide us with the most updated and valuable information, the development process of the most popular open-source operating system- LINUX is a great model to show the powerful functions of the Internet  in the aspect of  information sharing, through the Internet, a group of experts, who were scattering over the different locations in the world, worked together as a team, and they got the fresh-new programs from the internet, coded or revised and submitted it at first time, finally they had fulfilled a great task which can only be finished  by the huge company with thousands of technical experts. The freshness and powerfulness in the supply of the useful and valuable information makes the Internet become the necessities in our daily work and life.

On the other hand, as it is saying, a coin has two sides, there are harmful information indeed on the Internet, so much violent and pornographic pictures and videos would likely to lead the adolescents to the crime, dangerous information on the Internet could be easily used by the terrorists to do harm to the people, but the Internet certainly could be controlled as it was invented by the human beings, what is the most difficult to control is the mind and the behavior of the people.

In a word, I accept that the Internet provides people with a lot of useful information, it could save a lot of time and money for us and makes it possible not to stay or buy in the bookstore or libraries, and it could also always supply us the newest information, however , there really exists some harmful and even dangerous information which could be easily accessed,  and there are a lot of work to do in the control of the Internet.


Netiquette should not be forgotten!

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Is Internet the playground  where you can do anything you like without thinking about others’ feeling? My answer is : It is absolutely not!

netiquette2Some people think the Internet is the free place to dump all the feelings or expression without other’s interference, you could disobey some rules we stick to in the real world. Be careful! Though Internet is the virtual world, You still will affect other people and get return from them even in the real world at the end. 

It will be returned in the way you did to other persons. 

As human beings, everyone has feelings, if you behave and communicate rudely to others on the cyberspace, the recipients will be affected, and they will act back at once or scatter this kind of harmful feelings to others on the internet, if most of people don’t constraint their behavior and  obey  a certain set of netiquette , the internet will soon become a huge trash can which gradually make people feel disgusted. Whatever it is virtual life or real life, all the stuff will all be merged and kept in the human’s brain, and finally take effect in people’s actual behavior. 

Nonsense or impolite words will waste the time of you and your audience.

Internet and web pages were originally invented by the scientists to share information in specific areas like air defense or scientific research, now they are becoming the sharing tool and media to all the people. It will be definitely beneficial if we share useful message which really help us solve issues in our practical life, however

The impolite or rude information and nonsenses will also occupy the precious bandwidth and time, if this kind of garbage largely evolves without control, it will largely decrease the efficiency in searching or browsing for the information we need. Saving the precious time and bandwidth for you and others!

netiquetteTo sum up, people can’t clearly separate the virtual cyberspace from the real world, it is the place you also need to follow some specific rules and obligations, otherwise you will get bad returns from others on the Internet , and waste  yours and others’  time.


Thoughts provoked from  the reading of Netiquette article (   On June 18th, 2009

Benefits to life

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Can you live a life without a computer?

— Computer make life easier, some people will feel disconnected without a computer, what’s your idea? Come to join us and talk about it!


I wrote a blog writing something about the advantages of computer. The first I mention is its high information content and can be taken out at anytime and to anywhere you want, It can be exactly ‘a library’ at your side.

library copy

The second, the combination of the computers and printers will make people realize that it is better to ‘type and print’ rather than ‘write’. It has obvious benefits in the following aspects:

          • Rich typography

         • Powerfulness

         • Clearness

         • Economical consideration

Actually, a computer with printer is ‘a print machine’ going along with you .


On the other hand, as a new technology, the computer is hard to learn at the beginning without exception , however considering its powerfulness and the definitely realistic benefits it brings to our life, it really worth a quick and hard study.

I agree that this post is quite basic and simple, it is just written to lead all your guys talking on this topic, some people do agree with me and leave a comment saying:” Computers make communication so much easier then it used to be. …it is a new way of life that has opened many doors for the world of technology.” Do you agree with him? come to have a look and join us, we are eager to know your opinions.

You are greatly appreciated to  leave comments or send message to my email box .


Gavin Yi He

Computer or not?

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Computer, as one of the greatest inventions in the twentieth century, is a completely new tool and technology to the human beings. Some people who like to accept it think that the computer has brought them undoubted convenience and relaxation, on the other hand, other people who are not familiar with the computers and have inclination to live in the traditional situation believe that the computer has made their life more complicated and uneasy. In my opinion, there is no doubt that the computer will make our lives better.


 The first thing I would like to mention here is that the computers can store a large amount of information instead of old file folders and books, by various kinds of inputting methods like keyboard-stroking, scanning, copying, photographing and so forth, the computers can pile up almost all your documents and files and keep them securely on storage devices, which you may take them out at anytime and to anywhere you want;  and all these are used to placed on all your book shelves and  in the desk drawers which will cost a certain amount of space and money and also can’t be taken anywhere with you due their large volume. With their huge storage space and wonderful transferable function , the computers is exactly ‘a library’ at your side.


Second , with the combination of the computers and printers, the people realize that it is better to ‘type and print’ rather than ‘write’. It is obvious and undoubted that the printing is much more clear and paper-saving that writing, and with the help of office software, the people may make the documents in any styles, fonts, forms which one don’t know before and even needn’t to learn, working with computers and printers, one can design and print any forms of papers, catalogues and even books , which must be done at the print factories, thus the computers and the printers seems like a print workshop at your side.


On the other hand, any kind of new technology or tool is definitely not easy to learn, thus it is not strange to hear people saying that the computers make life complex and stressful, especially the computer technology is upgrading and developing much more quickly in recent years, however, as it is saying, it is never too late to learn, any new invention or technology that was proved to be useful will substitute the old ones at last, this trend can not be changed by any one, moreover, if one becomes familiar with the computer, she or he will not think it is complex at all.

 mac_pro copy

To sum up, although the computer is not easy too learn and grasp and will make life complicated and painful at its beginning, it can really change our life to be much  more relaxed and convenient, as it can store a large amount of information instead of books and files, and with the combination of the printers , all the documents can be typed and printed instead of being written , and becomes more clear and beautiful . 

Transportation you favored if travelling 400 miles away

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It is really interesting question that if you want to travel from your home to a place 400 miles away, there are many ways of transportation for your choice; Which means do your favor? Driving you own car, getting there by train, or taking the public bus transportation , I like the last one.

                                         Bus with bike rack in Vancouver

The main reason I want to mention at first is that, the bus will be more relaxed on for me to travel. Sitting in the soft and comfortable seat , you needn’t have to drive by your own any more, that means you needn’t watch for the passengers, for traffic lights, and for passing transportation vehicles as well. Listening to the music you favor, talking with the people you wish to know each other, and even having a little nap during the journey, you will find a period of precious time that purely belongs to your own. No bothers, no interruptions, and no works, that is really a genuine journey.

The another more personal reason is, it is comparatively convenient way for you to get to the destination. You can get on the bus at the nearest stop to your home, and get off at the station which is closer to your destination, without worrying about where to park the car , when to refill the tanker and how to get to your final place. The only thing you should think about is when you can come back and book the return ticket in advance.

Finally, the public transportation bus is more cheaper than other vehicles. it is designed for the public, thus it won’t be much expensive, also you don’t need to pay extra  fuel charges, parking fee, or freeway through fee.
1062112-Driving-Vancouvertrain_vancouver  In a word , someone may have other choices in methods of transportation when traveling to a place 40 miles away, he or she can drive a car which can takes to anywhere at any time but at expensive cost, or he or she may take the train which is maybe faster and more secure but not convenient at the time and location, thus on the overall comparison basis , I believe that the bus is the best and wisest choice, as it is more relaxed, more convenient and relatively cheaper.

Automobile based or not?

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As one of the most important signs of the industrial revolution, the appearing of the automobile  really have made good to our modern life, some people believe that it is the automobile make them possible to go to somewhere that they even could hardly imagine before , and many other advantages have also been brought into our modern life with the car,however it brings us far more issues than its benefits now.

The main disadvantages appears in the automobile is that it is one of the main pollutant sources of our earth, although almost every mechanical products will pollute our surroundings, nothing can be more dangerous and invisible than automobile, it is not difficult to imagine that, hundred of thousands of automobiles in the city are continuously emitting warm and even toxic gases day and night , it becomes the chief undoing of the greenhouse gas and do harm directly to our health.

Economically,  the automobile will be costly than you imagin, Apart from the big cost of the automobile itself, you also need to consider other expenditures, you must pay a certain amount of premium every year; the maintenance should be done per several years or certain amount of distance, here we don’t include some unexpected fees like, breakage repair, natural substitution and upgrade of parts, and so forth; With the fast increasing petrol price, you also have to take this extra cost into account; and sometimes you even have to think about the high parking fee when you are driving to the downtown, all these will cost you money, personally speaking, the automobile is a much precious product after all.

traffic_01                  “Hillside Strangler,” “Mixing Bowl,” “Spaghetti Junction” and “Orange Crush.”

Moreover, more and more automobiles on the road will cause severe traffic congestion , and car trasit will not be efficient at all. Initially , the driver may feel quite comfortable and cheerful when he is driving with a few cars on the road, as the density of the cars increases, the traffic flow rise to fill to an extent that the drivers are always trapped in the traffic jam and can not drive fast any more .Ironically, it is the automobile creates and then destroys its mobility, it tempts the people to go further and further out, and make them believe that they can spend vacation in the countryside or recreations, then gives them the appalling problem of getting back, what the drivers will be facing is not the efficiency , is the interminable stop and waiting.

Do you still like to drive a car, for me , definitely not!

Education for good students or for all ?

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Realizing the importance of education, some people persist that everyone should have the right to study at the university or college, as they have the right to the success; others who object this suggestion, may think that higher education should be only available to good student, due to the limitation of educational resources and human intelligence. It is really a pity ,  actually,  participation of formal university  study will be an extremely  wonderful and vital experience and  chance should be beneficial to almost every person.

 bcit_aerospace_campus                                     New BCIT Aerospace Technology Campus in Richmond

First of all , everyone should have right to be educated, whether you are academically good or not. No one could deny college or university study is the best way to absorb various kinds of necessary knowledge;  having sufficient time, having well-planned schedules, having intellectual and experienced instructors, and having completely equipped facilities like libraries, labs, and so forth, all these surroundings will ensure the students to totally plunge themselves into the knowledge ocean , learn as much as they can, and become well-prepared for the future career. All these even seems more important to the ‘not good’ student, who needs environment to lead or force him or her, and such a kind of experience will be treasure for his or her future life.

 library_night_bcit                                                                BCIT Library at night

Next, everyone is different in the process of their intelligence cultivation. We could not say that what the future is to somebody when he or she is still in the high school, there really exists such a kind of person who finally finds his or her exact interests and advantage in the university studies, we may miss this kind of genius under the traditional elite higher education system.  There was a real example happened besides me, one of my classmates, he did not like to study in the high school and he liked to write legendary stories of martial arts, and red to us when we were in the self-study class, you could imagine what the mark he would get and whether he could be qualified for the university. Could you say that he will not become a writer? If he was deprived the right to take the further study in the university and lost the chance to be instructed by good instructors, perhaps he could write something for his living, but he could not be cultivated to the great extent.


On the other hand, owing to the shortage of budget and available educational resources, not all the students will be allowed to take further studies at the universities, in that case, it is necessary to let the good students get the limited positions through some kinds of tests, others should go to some other kinds of training and occupational colleges for further study, however, this may not  be supposed to be excellent enough , but it is the reality.


In a nutshell, due to the shortage of  budget and educational resources, someone may think  universities and colleges could only be opened to good students, however, considering that everyone should have the equal right to take formal higher education, and not all the people can decide their interests and future career in their high school, I agree that the colleges and universities should be always opened to all the students if it is available.